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Antivirus Blog is a creation of malware analysts that are working together for a better internet. Separately we are active in several Anti-Malware communities and work with known Malware Researches and Antivirus vendors. My internet name is Alex Trusk. We as malware-researches keep our information as much as private from cyber criminals.

We created this blog to keep you updated on the latest threats targeting your computer. We will update our visitors with the latest news, information, malware removal guides for computer threats as viruses, adware, rogue ware, scare ware and potentially unwanted programs (pups).

Where we stand out at lots of other sites on the internet, is that we install all the software ourself and write a removal instruction that actually work. We as “Antivirus-Blog.com” do not need give support on our removal guides because at the time of the test we did with the malware, the instruction worked. All software offered is free of any charge and does not need any license or payment in general to remove any malware from your computer.

The information we supply to our visitors is completely free of any charge and detailed. Feel free to share the information with other people, this is where the power is. When we share the knowledge we may all help for a better internet experience. Join the Battle against malware!

Thank you for visiting us, enjoy and stay safe!


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