Warning of new vulnerability in Internet Explorer 10

There is a new vulnerability in Internet Explorer 10 discovered that cybercriminals actively targeting. There is not a patch from Microsoft available for this vulnerability at this moment. FireEye security warned for the flaw in Internet Explorer 10. The new leak was discovered during a “watering hole attack.” Thereby a website is hacked that a potential target … Read more…

Mac malware distributed via Download.com and MacUpdate.com

mac virusVariants of a Trojan horse for Mac OS X that steal bitcoins for Mac users are found on major download sites as Download.com and MacUpdate.com. Says SecureMac that already warned before for the CoinThief malware.

The malware was found primarily on the developer platform GitHub, but appears to be distributed via the popular download sites. On these sites CoinThief occurs when “Bitcoin Ticker TTM for Mac” and “Litecoin Ticker.” These are legitimate apps that are also available through the Mac App Store, but the versions on the App Store contained no malware.

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