Remove virus is a browser hijacker also known as a Potentially Unwanted Program as it changes your default homepage and search engine to Avoiding PUPs is not always a easy task, this Browser Hijacker is often bundled using freeware and offered during the installation of legit software. Software from several major download sites may contain additional software.

Be aware when you install software onto your computer and carefully read the terms of agreements during installation. PUPs, Adware or Browser Hijackers are commonly bundled with software. This software is not always malicious and may occasionally be offered as software to enrich your browser experience.

The interesting part of this Browser Hijackers is they might install software to protect themselves against changing the default homepage to another homepage.

This might sound like a good thing, but its just a nasty way to keep their Search Engine as default homepage and default search engine to get web-traffic and revenue by promoting in-text advertisements. Too bad this Browser Hijacker is not detected by Antivirus software as they are “PUPs” Potentially Unwanted Programs. Follow this removal guide to get rid of it.


zemana-anti-malware-iconZemana Anti-Malware – Remove Adware from your computer and clean your browser

You may have an anti­virus solution installed on your PC and think that you are safe, but having in mind the daily statistics for infected PC’s which only have one AV installed, you might want to think again!

Zemana AntiMalware adds additional layers of security. With its real time protection, for fast and efficient scanning, it makes sure that you are protected, before malware has infected your PC. It is lightweight, highly optimized and fully compatible with any AV solutions installed. It doesn’t affect your overall PC performance nor does it clutter up your drive.

Download malwarebytes anti-malware Download Zemana Anti-Malware Free (direkte download)

  • Launch the Zemana Anti-Malware install setup
  • Follow instructions during setup


  • Klik på Scan til at begynde at scanne din computer for malware


  • Wait for the malware scan to finish, it takes about 5 minutes


  • When the scan is finished the results show up, click Next to start the actual removal proces


  • The malware is removed, that’s it. Click Back to goto the main window.
  • Goto the next step

malwarebytes anti-malwareMalwareBytes Anti-Malware – Fjerne enhver malware og beskytte din computer

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware gratis brancheførende scanneren registrerer og fjerner malware som orme, Trojanske heste, rootkits, slyngler, spyware, og meget mere. Alt du skal gøre er at lancere Malwarebytes Anti-Malware gratis og køre en scanning. Det er så simpelt. Eller hvis du ønsker endnu bedre beskyttelse, overveje Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium og dens instant real-time scanner, der automatisk forhindrer malware og websteder i at inficere din PC. Uanset hvad du er knusning malware og spolere hackere

*Ifølge OPSWAT, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware er den mest populære sikkerhedsprodukt installeret af brugerne.

Download malwarebytes anti-malware Download MalwareBytes Anti-Malware gratis (direkte download)

  • Installer MalwareBytes Anti-Malware ved hjælp af installationsguiden.
  • MalwareBytes Anti-Malware har brug ingen configs eller specifikke indstillinger, installere bare og du er klar til at scanne computeren for malware og fri fjernelse.
  • Vælg Scan nu and follow instructions.

Malwarebytes anti-malware-main

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