Data breach cost Equifax 87.5 million dollars in third quarter

The attack on credit evaluator Equifax where the data of more than 145 million Americans and nearly 700,000 Britons were stolen, has cost the company about 87.5 million dollars in the third quarter. This has Equifax announced in the financial results of the third quarter.

The 87.5 million is distributed over 55.5 million for manufacturing costs, 17.1 million for fees and 14.9 million dollars for customer support. The actual cost will probably be higher, as the company also refines free credit monitoring for affected Americans. The cost of this amounted to 30 September 4.7 million dollars.

However, Americans can register for this until 31 Januar 2018. Equifax, therefore, takes into account an additional cost of between 56 million and 110 million dollars. Interim director Paulino Barros states that the company will focus on four issues in the future, including security tightening.