Microsoft warns for attacks via DDE feature in MS Office

Microsoft has issued a warning for attacks that use the DDE feature in Microsoft office.

Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) could be a feature that was else to older Windows versions and remains utilized in several places.The feature permits you to inject data from, parenthetically, an excel document into a Word document.

Within the event that the excel document is updated, this can be like a shot visible within the Word document. However, the DDE feature conjointly makes it attainable to invoke associate degree application like cmd.exe or PowerShell rather than excel and execute malicious commands. The practicality is actively utilized by cybercriminals to infect users with malware. Anti-virus company McAfee reported such an attack on Tuesday.

In a security advisory revealed yesterday, Microsoft suggests that attackers should initial convince victims to disable office Protected Mode and click on through one or additional windows before the attack will be dead.

According to the code giant Microsoft, users should be alert when opening suspicious email attachments. Admins and users may also take alternative measures to counter such DDE-based malware attacks. Due to numerous adjustments to the Windows registry, the DDE feature could also be disabled. Disabling the features can be done for different programs like Excel, Outlook, and Microsoft Word.

Users of the Windows 10 (Windows ten) Fall Creator Update may also use the Windows Defender Exploit Guard to protect themselves against DDE-based malware.

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