Remove CouponOSX virus for Apple Mac OSX

By | June 19, 2016

CouponOSX is a extensions for Safari and the Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browser for Apple Mac OSX. For a long time Mac OSX users were not prone to malicious or ad-promoting browser extensions. Now advertisement networks offer ad-support software using free download sites. These browser extensions offered in free software inject ads as inline-text ads and pop-ups into your browser to make revenue and make money out of the free software.

Also the code embedded into your favorite browser gives CouponOSX the rights to watch on online activities. It is possible to monitor visited pages, search keywords, and other useful online data to send to advertisment networks to make revenue.

Mac adware

Ads by Mac OSX based adware

Remove CouponOSX adware with Bitdefender Removal Tool for Mac OSX

Bitdefender Adware Removal tool Download Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool [free download]

  • Open Bitdefender Removal Tool, if the tool asks you to continue, agree it’s alert.


  • Click the Search for Adware button to allow Adware Removal Tool by Bitdefender to search your Mac OSX for adware.
  • The scanning for adware is often very quick.


  • If Adware Removal Tool find adware it will display a alert to either Remove it of Uninstall the adware from Mac OSX.
  • Click Uninstall or Remove


  • Supply the credentials for the root user to give access to system based folders.
  • These credentials are needed to remove all files from your Mac OSX computer.


  • Good news! The adware is removed and your Mac OSX computer is clean for known and recent adware.
  • If you still experience adware, you might want to follow the next step in our Adware Removal Process.

safari logoManual Remove CouponOSX extension for Safari

Open Safari browser and select Preferences from the top menu. Then, choose Extensions tab to display all installed third party software. Look for CouponOSX and remove the browser extension.

safari extensions

Remove all listed extensions for Safari.

google chrome logoManual Remove CouponOSX extension for Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and select Preferences from the menu. Next, click on the Extensions link which is located on the left side of the window. Once the list shows up, select CouponOSX and uninstall it from the Google Chrome browser using the trashcan icon.

google chrome extensions

Click the trash can to remove all extensions listed in the panel.

mozilla firefox logoManual Remove CouponOSX extension for Mozilla Firefox

Open Mozilla Firefox and select Add-ons from the Tools menu. Find CouponOSX extension from Extensions and Plugins and delete if it is present.
After removing the CouponOSX and possible other extension, restart Mozilla Firefox.

mozilla firefox extensions

Remove all listed extensions from Mozilla Firefox