How to Remove Feven Pro 1.1 extension (Adware Removal Guide)

Feven Pro 1.1 is a browser extension for Google Chrome and possibly also for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This browser extension is probably installed by third-party software by the industry known as Adware or PUPs, others might call it a virus. Additional software is offered during the installation, most of the time this unwanted software is already checked and enabled during installation. If you do not read the term of agreements or any agreement during installation, you might end up with adware on your computer. Basically the issue with adware is that they install themselves on your computer without your knowledge. Browser Extensions can access your data on all websites including browsing activity and use this information to promote ads, pop-ups, inline-text advertisements for revenue.

Feven Pro 1.1 will display Brought by Feven Pro 1.1 and Ads not by this site in websites you regularly visit. If there is any space on the right side or left side on the website Feven Pro 1.1 ads will fill it up by injecting large rectangle blocks with ads. The ads promoted by Feven Pro 1.1 are not by definition malicious, the ads may contain advertisements from legit company’s but also advertisements for Fake Flash Player updates.

Browser Extensions are usually very helpful and  enhance your browser experience. Since the introduction of Browser Extensions in 2010 for Google Chrome they are being used more and more.  These additions, usually written by a third-party, can expand your browser’s functionality to unlimited levels. Unfortunately there are also third-party’s that use Browser Extensions not to enhance your browser experience but by enhancing their own experience by implementing add-on’s that promote ads and other not useful malicious software. It is advised to follow all steps in this removal instruction to completely clean your computer and browser(s) from any unwanted PUPs, Adware, Toolbars, Browser Extensions.

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