“Windows Internet Guard” virus (Removal)

Windows Internet Guard is what we call the Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes virus. It’s one of the many FakeVimes variations we found. This Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes virus looks like a legit Antivirus scanner but it is fake and does nothing good for your computer. If you are infected with Windows Internet Guard your computer will slow down, display all kinds of pop-ups and alerts you that your computer is in danger. None of these alerts are true, their all fake in order to let you buy a license and make money by this Rogue. First Windows Internet Guard displays a bogus alert, then it asks you to clean the infected or potential danger for you. If you agree you need a license.

Never ever buy this malware. your personal details might be used by criminals and will lead to identity theft.  Thereby this Rogue:Win32/FakeVimes will absolutely do nothing good for your computer. All alerts it displays are pre formatted alerts and none of these problems actually exist on your computer system. Follow this removal guide to get rid of this very nasty FakeVimes rogue from your computer.

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